DIY Scarf Camera Strap kit - Fractured Indigo

$ 34.00

It’s my turn to share with you everything you need to know to make your own DIY scarf camera strap. I’ve been pouring my heart into this pdf, sharing all of the secrets that I’ve learned along the way. It’s over 30 pages long and features 50 photos! (I tend to want to err on the side of including more than is needed to be sure that things are extra clear.)

The kits include:

- a printed copy of the detailed, reusable instructions – I’m using all of my years experience writing DIY sewing articles for Mollie Makes and Simply Sewing Magazine to create and easy to read and follow instruction guide. You can see my published articles and features here:
- one half yard of fabric (the mint is featured in the photos, but I’ll have several styles of fabric available)
- one full set of leather tabs to enclose your fabric and nylon strapping
- one set of two nylon straps
- one set of commercial grade keepers
- one set of commercial grade tri-glides
- 6 clothespin clips for holding your leather in place while glue dries
- 1 tea light candle for melting the ends of your nylon strapping

You’ll just need a few tools – your heavy duty sewing machine, iron for pressing, thread for stitching, and glue to put it together.The last two items included in the kit are to make it easier for you – so you don’t have to buy a big box of each.

The kit is for personal use, or to use to make gifts. BUT, you’re welcome to use the instructions to learn how to make your own for sale, so long as you don’t copy the design – meaning: If you’d like to make them to sell, create your own fabric lengths, different style of leather tabs, etc.

The biggest advantage that the kits offer you outside of the instructions, is the easy access to exactly the length of fabric you need, exactly the amount of leather you need (normally sold by the hide, which wholesales anywhere from $150-180), the heavy tensile strength nylon, and the commercial grade hardware.

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