scarf camera strap tropical gardens - BCSCS138

$ 49.98

A calm and quiet aqua mint background combine with neon yellow, green, and pink florals to make this a bold and fun accessory to your wardrobe and camera.

100% rayon. What is rayon? When you’re wearing a rayon dress, we’re not gonna lie, you feel pretty great. Rayon has a cool hand and a smooth touch. It shimmers and ripples in the breeze, and the ink colors are deep and richly saturated. It’s ok if you imagine that you’re walking in slow motion everywhere you go. You might even pretend there’s a Beyonce fan in front of you. It’s ok. We get it. It’s the rayon. And it’s still strong enough to keep your gear safe, even as you’re super comfortable while you carry it.

We use genuine leather and 100% nylon strapping for durability. Hand cut genuine leather tabs, glued and stitched together.

Each piece is handcrafted with care.

scarf portion: approx. 44” 
leather and strap portion: approx. 9” per side

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