About Bluebird Chic, LLC.

My handmade business really grew out of my love of photography. I was carrying my camera around with me everywhere, and the strap that came with it kept cutting into my neck. One day I decided to put my sewing skills to work to create something more comfortable, and I came up with a camera strap cover that I loved. As years have passed, the products that I create have evolved, but they always stay centered around the idea of comfort, strength and sense of style – whether it’s a bit quirky, or chic for a special occasion. Lately, I’ve been thinking a LOT about how I had sewing lessons when I was young, and this has led me to share more crafting tutorials on my blog, with the goal of teaching and passing the knowledge that I have on to others. Sewing has brought me so much joy over the years, and I would love to give that to others.

A little bit about my studio/workspace:

My studio space is located in the corner of our larger “great room”. I definitely have a love hate relationship with it! The wide open space allows me to get extra work done without missing out on what the family is doing, but it can also be a constant reminder of work that needs doing. I work hard to maintain blocks of time set aside for family, my husband, and personal things that I find inspiring. The styling is very clean with white walls where I can do everything from pin up my latest artwork to moving things around for a photoshoot. I’m always working on ways to better organize supplies and keep things productive.

What inspires me?

So many things! Flowers and fresh mown grass. Time spent working in the kitchen to make a favorite meal or dessert. Paint. Photos. Learning new things. Fashion. Understanding a new business principle. (I spend so much time in business workshops and books. I love that aha! moment that helps me see something new that can help me grow my business.) My love of all things crafted always leads me around a corner to create something new. I try to hang on to a vibrant curiosity and follow the paths that open. The past two years I’ve even been studying surface pattern design and learning illustrator. That meant that this summer I was able to create something new made with my own artwork and pattern design. There’s something absolutely thrilling about following the process from the very beginning of finding inspiration, to creating artwork, digitizing the designs to create a pattern, and then having it printed for use in a product that I hope my customers will love.

To find out more about me and my business, please visit the Bluebird Chic website at http://bluebirdchic.com