padded camera strap watercolor wedding - BCPCS008

$ 27.50 $ 55.00

Inspired by a collaboration with wedding photographer Rahel Menig this LIMITED EDITION strap features one-of-a-kind patterns hand-painted by yours truly.

Each camera strap features two layers of high quality cotton lawn fabric layered with two layers of lining and two layers of fleece for padding. Each end is finished with hand cut, genuine leather tabs burnished and sealed with a balsam made from an all natural blend of waxes to seal the leather edges, and 12" nylon strapping for sturdy construction. Functional length is approximately 48" after attaching to the camera body. fits most slr and dslr cameras.

Your camera strap is strong enough for you to depend on, comfortable enough to make you forget you're wearing it, and stylish enough to make others take note.

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